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Welcome to Intellect IT, where we offer you highly professional Shopify development services. We are well known for building functionally efficient and cost-effective Shopify sites.

Our highly skilled professional will help you build a built-in, sales-driven, and powerful eCommerce Shopify store. We are offering you Shopify development services. Whether you come to us with a newly produced idea, even if you want to customize your existing eCommerce site, or just came up with a startup concept, we are here for you. By taking our Shopify development services, you can easily tailor your eCommerce store by our professionals at an affordable price. 

Custom Shopify Development Services By Intellec IT

Every business is different, and every customer has a unique style. Hiring a person who doesn’t have any previous knowledge about how to make a proper Shopify theme and interesting them with such important work to save some money is a very bad idea. Just a basic Udemy course doesn’t make a person professional. It takes patience and long hard work to make a person skilled in a specific sector. 

We are offering you with a hundred plus pre-templates ideas. Our technical specialists will help you select your Shopify theme. They will work until you are fully satisfied with our work. We will create your Shopify theme based on – Bootstrap, Material, etc. 

You have two options for you to create your own Shopify theme- 

  1. You can show us a sample based on what you need, and we will do unique customization according to your needs. 
  2. Or you can let us freshly make it from scratch. You can also provide us with ideas. Besides, our specialists will also be there to show you some other options. 



Need Shopify Development Services?

Our comprehensive service funnel has rich features such as






PSD To Shopify Development Service

We are serving you Psd to Shopify developing service to give your shoppers more insight into a more satisfying experience and twice your selling rates.

PSD to Shopify development means turning your PSD files into Shopify format. It means we will add images from PSD files to your Shopify store. Even though it sounds very easy, honestly, it is not. An in-house developer can ruin your Shopify store if they don’t have the proper knowledge. It isn’t an easy job to work with PSD files, so we recommend you give this job to our decades of experienced developers. It must be a difficult job, but it is not our developers’ case.

You can expect us to customize your Shopify store in any way you want. We have many options, features, layouts, etc., for you to choose from.

For example –

  • PSD to Shopify implementation.
  • PSD to Shopify template integration.
  • PSD to Shopify theme integration.
  • Shopify theme development.
  • Shopify ecommerce development.
  • Custom Shopify store management.
Need Shopify Development Services?

Our Premium Shopify Development Services include:





Why Choose Us?

Our team has only one goal: to serve our customers until they are fully satisfied. We won’t force you to take our services by using sugar-coated like any competitors. But let me tell you why choosing us will be convenient for you- 

  1. We have a dedicated project manager who will lead your project and be there for you from the beginning until the end. 
  2. After delivering your project, we are giving you a two-month warranty, including support. In these two months, we will assist you with every possible way to raise your sale and make your site more engaging. If you see any issues, we will also fix them for you. 
  3. We have flexible payment methods and a dedicated team. We provide affordable services so that everyone can take them without emptying their pockets. Besides, our highly skilled and dedicated team is all ready to serve you with the best service possible. 
  4. There are no restrictions for you when it is time to provide us with any data or samples. Since we provide you with a professional team, our team can manage even if you come up with a rough sketch or want us to do your project from scratch. We are up for anything in any way. 

Now it’s up to you whether you want our service or you want to submit your task to a new developer who might ruin your site. Take our advice, go big or go home. 


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