Privacy Policy of intellec it

Your privacy is our concern. Intellec IT privacy policy ensures complete security, customizing, and
storing of your data. We tried to make it more straightforward and easily understandable for you.
Therefore, we are very strict regarding our privacy policy. It is as important as you to us. If at any
moment you feel that you disagree with our privacy policy, we are sorry to compromise and provide
services in this case. If you cannot understand any terms don’t hesitate to contact us. Please take a
few minutes to review the Intellec IT privacy policy.
We ensure our users stay logged in after closing their browning window storing their login
information. Log in data refers to the information related to the client provided while using our
service on this website. It also includes the device’s location, IP address, and time of using the
service. We store this kind of data to protect user safety and restrict unauthorized access and
scamming of data. We ensure safe browsing on our website

Privacy and Disclosure

Information by Clients
We collect your personal information to identify you. We are very strict in this case. Intellec IT
provides services only to clients who have legal identification. We never work for an anonymous
person. Again we took all necessary information, raw files, and guidelines using electronic media to
provide services. In this case, we take the whole responsibility for your provided data. We will never
transfer, share, or reuse it without your consent until it follows all legal procedures


We permanently delete the information after completing the project. Again if any client wants us to
delete their account, we ensure it. But sometimes, we cannot delete information if your transactions
are ongoing, versions identified related to illegal activities, debts or other actions against laws and

We never disclose our client’s information to others until it is a judicial order. We have to disclose
your information to the administrative authorities to prevent criminal and illegal activities