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Website Development For Gotham City Concierge, New York


Project Summary


Gotham City Concierge is a limo service website in New York. They provide limo services in New York City. There is an option to call or book a limo service on their website. They conducted with us to build the website. We set a meeting to collect the requirements from them. They guide everything from general business operations (e.g. financial management, human resources, leadership, strategic planning, etc.) to the specific needs of services (e.g. Airport service, Special occasions service, Long drive service, Place to place service). We plan for the project and did it properly. Our client is very satisfied.




Overall Score

Quality:                                                   5.0

Schedule:                                                5.0

Cost:                                                       5.0

Would Refer:                                            5.0

Our Services


Collect Requirements From The Clients


The most important part of any project is requirement collection. If you are failed to collect the requirements properly your full project may go wrong. So, first of all, we collect the requirements from the clients. What they want, how they want. Which services are their main priority? We collect every single query from the client.  And this goes very successfully. We build a very successful website which satisfied our client.


Define the Goal


After collecting the requirements we define our goal. We design a proper plan for the website. What we are going to do and how we are going to do it. We created a simple idea map with a pen and paper. Write down the type of site that plans to make in the middle of our map and think about words and phrases that describe the vibe we going for as well as our brand voice. Then, write each in separate circles stemming from the initial idea.


UX Design


The single biggest challenge we had to tackle during this project was client wanted a unique design. We use the Laravel framework with PHP. At first,Creating and iterating on a sitemap helped our team understand what the structure of the new site would be.

Once the sitemap was in place, we jumped into fleshing out the actual content that would live on each page. This was helped by creating wireframes to define exactly how we wanted to lay out the content across the custom page templates. The wireframe prototype also allowed us to begin testing the flow of the redesign to ensure it was easy to navigate and provided a great user experience.

One of the most important pieces of our planning phase was mapping out the eCommerce flows for each of the services. Each service had a unique flow and required extreme attention to detail to make things as straightforward as possible. It also gave us an incredible opportunity to utilize proven design patterns that encourage visitors to continue through the sales funnel to conversion.





With the UX strategy firmly in place, we started designing the site.  The client didn’t provide us with any style guide but just pointed us in the right direction by providing their brand colours and fonts. Using their colour palette as a reference, we built out an entire visual language library to use across the site which included design fonts, patterns, imagery styles, gradients, and custom iconography, essentially building a full brand guide for them.

Due to the many moving pieces, the development was a complex build. We built the site on top of the Laravel framework, and every module was 100% custom. By utilizing PHP, we were able to have complete control over the content management system (CMS), which met Gotham City’s requirements for custom reporting and admin roles. To empower Gotham City to self-manage its site in the future, we integrated a page builder. With the page builder, they can modify and adapt the site as their business continues to change and grow by creating new pages from scratch using either a full-page template or pre-designed page sections. This way, they have the flexibility to decide how they want the page to look while keeping the look and feel consistent and cohesive with the rest of the site.


Test & Launch


After development was complete, we worked closely with the team from Gotham City to test the site, make any last-minute adjustments, and enter content. We spent a great deal of time testing each of the many users flows to be confident the site was free of bugs.

Transitioning user data from Gotham City’s legacy systems into the new database was a very time-consuming and painstaking process. We worked extremely hard double-checking the data after import so we could ensure all their existing users would be able to create a new username, login, and access what they had already paid for after the new site went live.Once we were confident that there were no additional bugs to be found, we were ready to launch the site.


The Result


Gotham City’s fresh new website has successfully unified all of its membership programs and consulting services under one cohesive roof. And since a website should be a moving, breathing thing, Gotham City is positioned with all the tools it needs in the CMS to implement changes as its business continues to evolve in the future.

Client Feedback


The project was a success and we’ve had a great reception from our members. Our bounce rate is 50% less than our industry and our time on site and pages per visit are significantly higher than our industry.

We also asked him some questions that he answered.


How did you select Intellec and what were the deciding factors?

Intellec was selected before I was brought in, but we appreciate their strong reputation in the area and collaborative approach.


What did you find most impressive about them?

I only leave reviews if I’m impressed, and I’m more than happy to leave a review for Intellec IT. It’s easy to work with them. They’re dedicated to us and show a genuine interest in our company.


Are there any areas they could improve?

No, not at this point.


Do you have any advice for potential customers?

Go with Intellec. That’s the team you need if you want to build a perfect website for your business.


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